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Just for You...

Learning to Fly

You have always dreamed of learning to fly, then the Cirrus is the way to go.

With modern avionics, the safety of a "whole airframe" parachute system, and great handling; the Cirrus is an aircraft you will want to continue to fly.

We offer special memberships to new students, so from our training hub near Farnbough, you will soon be enjoying the freedom of solo flight.

Already a Pilot?

If you have a pilots certificate already, you will want to move to up to a safer, faster and more modern aircraft.

The Cirrus takes you further, more easily than any other aircraft you can fly. 

Stretch your wings. Paris is only 90 minuites flying away!

Getting Instrument Rated

The Cirrus is the perfect European Tourer for the Instrument Rated Pilot.

Over half our members have obtained their Instrument Rating in the Cirrus as part of our internal training programme.

Don't let the British weather ruin your flying!

Business Travel

If you need a fast efffective tool for business travel, you may not want to be piloting the aircraft yourself when you have an important meeting ahead.  

Freeflight is a community, and by teaming up with others, you can sit back and arrive with your collegues in style.

Many regional airports are unserved by scheduled airlines, but easy and cheap to land there direct in a Cirrus.  

With FreeFlight you get closer to your clients with less time traveling and less nights away.

Pure Pleasure...

All of our pilots, and everyone who flys with us agrees that they "Just Love It!"

For trips of under 400 miles, its often just as fast as the airlines for the same destination, but you get more enjoyable flight time and almost no airport hassle or waits.

If you have not yet experienced the joy of going where you want, when you want, in style - let us treat you.

FreeFlight Aircraft

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SR22/G2 - N147GT

16-08-2006 Hits:16380 Our Current Aircraft Ian Valentine

SR22/G2 - N147GT

N147GT our SR22/G2 #SR22-1069 Our first "G2" SR22 was ordered 1st July 2004, as Free Flight's third aircraft,  and delivered 8th September. She is currently based at Denham As with all FreeFlight...

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For Sale: N147CD

13-12-2012 Hits:9420 Our Current Aircraft Ian Valentine

For Sale:  N147CD

Ideal Cirrus for 1st time owner plus the best Glass cockpit in GA. Freeflight Aviation, the UK’s most experienced Cirrus Group, are selling our first aircraft, a Classic SR20, N147CD to focus...

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Aircraft Status

16-08-2006 Hits:18160 Our Current Aircraft Ian Valentine

Aircraft Status

We Currently operate with two aircraft at Denham, one at Booker (Wycombe Air Park) two at Blackbushe, one at Shoreham and we manage one aircraft at Biggin for a closed group....

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SR20 - N147CD

16-08-2006 Hits:16251 Our Current Aircraft Ian Valentine

SR20 - N147CD

N147CD - Cirrus SR20 #1043 - Our original SR20 A top of the range July 2000 SR20, serial number 0043, lovingly upgraded to have all the latest avionics. She is currently...

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